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About us

Setting up, managing and selling through the Website is managed by:

Gia design pr Ana Marić

Retail trade by mail or via the Internet

Učiteljice Ružice 6, Ugrinovci, Zemun

MB 668860817

PIB 113488384

Phone: +381 63 8654427



Behind Gia's story are Ana - production and service manager and Gordana - textile and clothing design engineer. Two women united their strengths, knowledge and experience with the idea and desire to take their first independent steps in entrepreneurship.

They have woven their personalities into the brand identity, in the desire to create what they live and what they believe in.

Living in a time when humanity's impact on the planet has become a pressing issue, they decided to highlight it and raise awareness about environmental protection. As the textile industry is one of the biggest polluters, it was natural for them to point out the better and more humane choices that are available in that sphere of business through their actions.

Sustainable materials, fair trade and doing business with local companies are the foundation of the Gia design story. By choosing Gia products, you are choosing a unique design, quality natural materials, quality craftsmanship, love and dedication in the creation of each new piece, as well as environmentally friendly packaging. With that choice, you become one of the conscious customers who takes a small but very significant step in preserving the environment.

Gia garments are defined by clean lines and simplicity in cut, but also clear authenticity. With a personal stamp, they are set apart from today's numerous offer. The colors were chosen in such a way that they could be easily combined, or contrasting, but inevitably follow the trends, and these pieces of clothing are easily combined and fit into different styles of clothing.

Those who want to feel good about each subsequent purchase, to give it a higher meaning and to wear their new, comfortable, stylish piece of clothing without a guilty conscience, will understand, recognize and adopt the Gia principles.

Ana and Gordana create for you clothes of timeless design that you will love and wear for a long time, they look forward to every new working day, new ideas and projects.

"I am a visual artist and a creative person, throughout my education I focused on textile and clothing design. I went through the process of creating a fashion collection, through production and catwalk to storage, presentation and sales. When I realized myself as a wife and mother, it is clear to me was that the next step was the realization of my long-standing dream to become a fashion designer and creator." Gordana